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  • 09.09.2020
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Malasida | 15.09.2020
I can speak from personal experience that I wish I had a normal name. Thanks to my mother and two god mothers I was named Don, like Mr. in Spanish or Italian, Dade (my grand mother's nick name) Francis (because I was born in San Francisco). Yes three names, Thanks mom! Unfortunately, I have always gone by Dade (which according to my mother was my first name). My widowed mother worked for the Air Force for many years and as a result we moved often. At each new school I attended, (12 by H.S. graduation) invariably the teachers would read my full name out loud the first day I attended. No one understood Dade so I had to spell it, sometimes more than once so as not to be called Dave, Dale, Dude, Dell, or Steve. And worse yet I was in elementary school during the high point of Francis the Talking Mule Movies. Please, if you don't want your kids teased and picked on, don't name them something that cannot be easily understood, must be spelled out for people to understand it, that can be associated with something funny, or that the initials of their name(s) when put together spell something, e.g. DDT, DUM, ORC, NIT, etc.
Faugul | 10.09.2020
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Morr | 18.09.2020
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Gam | 10.09.2020
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Yogul | 17.09.2020
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